Tango Gay Stories – Vampires, Dragons, Demons, Aliens, Myths and Legends!

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Moving Miniatures


David, second son of a Lord, rescues Cockney urchin Eric from a beating, quickly falling in love with him after repeated visits to the hospital to visit the irrepressible lad. However, Eric has a secret; a strange method of exacting revenge upon those who wrong him. As their relationship develops, David is drawn into Eric’s world of miniature paintings … some of them not quite as safe as others. Find out about ‘moving paint’ … and why the future is in peril.







Sent out one morning by his mother to hunt for food, Dav is the only literate member of his small clan, excellent with a game bow, but sadly lacking with axe, sword and pike. He returns laden from his hunt to find his village burning and his family and kin being slaughtered by a group of mounted soldiers led by a witch. Determined to avenge his family, Dav meets a strange creature in the forest and is changed into the fearful, near-invisible thrate, a deadly assassin. What is it the witch seeks and how will Dav and Cil defeat her?







DI David and his DS and life-partner Timmy have a problem – someone is killing the priests of the parish using a particularly cruel and bizarre method, suggestive of … what? A deep-seated desire for revenge for past abuse? That’s what it looks like to David and his team. Follow them on their travels and travails as they try to catch the miscreant … before more priests are killed …





The Swayer of Sankara

Seventeen-year-old David is exploring the island in the middle of the lake on his parents’ property, when he finds a strange, tomb-like building. The inscription over the doorway suggests there might be something rather nasty inside. What he discovers turns his normal little world upside-down.  Find out what it is, and why David has to go to hell – with, as his mother puts it – a professional sodomist.







David is just sixteen when he discovers that his eldest brother, Olivar has murdered their sibling, Friedel, to ensure his undisputed accession to their father’s throne.  David’s friend and mentor, the royal magician, gives him a magic ring and urges him to flee, before Olivar kills him as well. Reduced from prince to pauper, David takes to the forest, where he meets a very strange wolf. Can he release Geran from the evil curse, and at the same time, revenge himself upon his murderous brother?







The comedic tale of a gay lad who has been dealt a cruel blow by nature, being seriously underendowed in the penis department. On the night of his sixteenth birthday, he makes a wish for someone, anyone, to do something! And that's when the demon appears ...  Would it eat him? Would it remove his dick altogether? Find out how an underendowed boy saves the world from something nasty!







Eighteen year-old David rides home in the family car late one night. With his GP father driving, and mother and sister in the front, David is squashed in the back with his two older brothers, gazing out of the window. He sees something black on the road. They get the moaning package home, unwrap it, and find a very strange young man … What was the ancient legend all about, and exactly who was trying to kill Karl? This is a vampire story … with a difference.







What would you do if you were gay, and on the evening of your seventeenth birthday party a beautiful, charming and spectacularly-endowed boy asked if you wanted to have sex with him? What David actually did was drop his punch all over Mum’s new carpet … and then spend much of the evening trying to avoid his very persistent … and increasingly strange gate-crashing suitor. No shoes or socks and apparently no possessions, as bold as brass … and then of course, there was his almost uncanny ability to appear and disappear at will … Buy Scandinal, and find out who the persistent little blonde really is … and why the world’s in big trouble.





Hidden Treasure             


The third youngest of four brothers, David is gay, but still firmly in the closet. He has no reason to come out until one day, the boys’ father receives a strange phone call - would the English family be prepared to give a young American state ward a holiday for two months? They are unsure whether to agree, particularly as the boy is apparently somewhat … disturbed. A little reluctantly, they eventually consent, but none of them is quite prepared for this guest!







David is nearly 16, the son of two scientists of the seeding-colony on Hope, orbiting Alpha-Centauri in the Centauri binary-star system. Life is hard; they have little technology except Fred, the ship’s computer, who controls the colonists’ lives in their secure, moated compound, together with his little sock-eating dusting-robots called ‘snufflers’. David has a tentative sexual encounter with his friend Peter, and is shocked when Peter later goes missing …







The successful author of a series of fantasy novels, Cliff Face is advised by his agent that if he changes his name, sales will instantly cease. Struggling with the latest adventure in his ‘Pyramid’ universe, Cliff decides to take his dog for a walk one morning … and finds himself inside his own creation, where he is forced to deal with a very nasty monster … before it eats everything. (Warning! – This book has dragons in it.)







Raised on a grand estate, David’s parents both suicided after his mother was falsely accused of theft by Julian, the Lord’s son. Now, some two years later, eighteen year old David is a homeless tramp, forced to live on the streets, beg for food and sell himself to men for sex in order to earn a few pounds. When he learns from a newspaper report of Julian’s engagement, David decides that the young lady deserves to know more about the character of the man she intends to marry.